Protections from Retaliation and Harassment When Taking Leave

Many employees are concerned about the effect that taking leave under these programs would have on their employment with their company.Common questions include: Can my employer fire me for taking leave? Can my employer reduce my pay for taking leave? Can my employer replace me with someone who is willing or able to work? Can… Read more »

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California Emergency Child Care Leave (2024)

If you work for a company with 25 or more employees at the same location, you are entitled to up to 40 hours of unpaid leave each year to address an emergency involving your child care provider or your child/ren’s school. Your child/ren must either be in grades 1 through 12 or of the age… Read more »

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Paid Family Leave Benefits

California Paid Family Leave Benefits (2023): A How-To Guide

Paid Family Leave provides temporary wage replacement for workers who are forced to take off work because they are seriously ill or because they need to care of a seriously ill family members. Article Contents: Section #1: Who is eligible for paid family leave? Section #1 Who is eligible for paid family leave? Paid Family… Read more »

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California Paid Sick Leave (2024)

California Paid Sick Leave requires most California employers to provide no less than 24 hours of paid sick leave to their employees each year in order to care for themselves or to provide care for diagnosis, care or treatment of existing health condition and preventative care for you or your family member. Who is eligible… Read more »

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California Unemployment Insurance: A How-To Guide

California Unemployment Insurance (2024): A How-To Guide

Unemployment Insurance (UI) was recently expanded to provide wage replacement to individuals who currently work, but who are experiencing one or more of the following typically pays benefits to workers who have lost their jobs.  The benefit is intended to provide a safety net to workers while they seek other employment. Article Contents: Section #1:… Read more »

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Fair Employment & Housing Act (Disability Discrimination Law)

Fair Employment & Housing Act (Disability Discrimination Law) (2024)

California employers are prohibited from discriminating against, suspending, demoting or terminating workers. The Fair Employment and Housing Act only protects workers who either have or are perceived to have a qualifying medical condition.FEHA does not protect workers who do not currently have Coronavirus but who choose to self-quarantine as a precautionary. Which Employers are Covered… Read more »

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Coronavirus: A Guide to California Workers' Rights

Coronavirus: A Guide To California Workers’ Rights

BREAKING UPDATES: We realize that things are constantly evolving so we’ll be keeping this document updated to address any changes. Last Updated: Monday March 23rd @ 11:10 am Employees across California are having their employment upended by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Schools are closed, and many parents are having to stay home to take care of their… Read more »

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