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California Paid Sick Leave requires most California employers to provide no less than 24 hours of paid sick leave to their employees each year in order to care for themselves or to provide care for diagnosis, care or treatment of existing health condition and preventative care for you or your family member.

Who is eligible for Paid Sick Leave?

Most California employees are entitled to paid sick leave.
Paid sick leave is available to employees in addition to other forms of leave meaning if you use all of your leave under a different law, it will not reduce the amount of sick time you are eligible to take under the paid sick leave law.

How do I request Paid Sick Leave?

To request paid sick leave, you only need to make a request to your employer. The request can be in writing or in person.

Am I protected from Retaliation for Taking Paid Sick Leave?

Yes. If you take protected sick leave, your employer is prohibited from retaliating against you. This includes retaliating or discriminating against you by:

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