our free case review process

Our process for reviewing cases is simple.  We ask you to provide us with some basic information about the issues you experienced.  Once we receive the information, we will review it and call or email you to discuss the case.

There are some cases that we do or cannot not take because, for example, it is outside the area that we practice.  If this happens we will try to let you know promptly that we are unable to help you with your case.

We respect your time, and we ask that you respect ours.  Our case reviews are only for prospective clients seeking legal representation.  That means we do not give out free legal advice just because we offer a free case review.

Because of our focus on results and client experience, our firm is highly sought after to represent employees in their disputes.  We receive a large number of requests for representation but cannot take every case that has merit.  So if we are not able to take your case, that should not dissuade you from seeking legal representation from another attorney.

Please be aware that even though we offer a free case review, that does not create an obligation for our firm to represent you.  We do not actually represent you until we have provided and you have signed an Attorney Fee Agreement.


We frequently get inquiries from employees (current and former) seeking assistance on legal matters that our free case review does not cover such as severance agreements, offer letters and employment coaching.  Employment coaching includes issues such as handling performance improvement plans and workplace investigations.  While our office handles these types of issues, we offer help as a paid service.

Information Provided in Contact Forms

By submitting a question through our online form, you allow us to remove all identifying information or otherwise anonymize your questions and publish the question and an answer to the question (without any type of identifying information) on our website. This relates specifically to questions about COVID-19’s impact on employment and employment laws and does not apply to inquiries submitted as part of the request for case evaluation.